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DNAshare An efficient way to procure relatively inexpensive, high-quality, high-volume, relevant genomic data for your translational research.

DNAshare comprises an integrated suite of secure, cloud-based platforms that interoperate with one another and with various public and private data repositories:

  • Medical History Vault – for patients
  • SeqShare – for sequencing centers
  • Colleagueshare – for academic researchers. Read more about Colleagueshare
  • GenomeBroker – for the pharma industry

DNAshare presentation, LIHTI, Stony Brook University, March 10, 2016


Colleagueshare: System for Sharing Research Output via a Highly Secure, Personal Cloud Network Float your research by your colleagues with ultimate ease and security

Colleagueshare is a utility app designed specifically for scientists and other researchers, allowing them to share data, manuscripts, images, movies, posters, and other research output with one another at the touch of a button. Colleagueshare operates via a mobile-enabled request and approval process, with the research materials moving between the researchers’ personal cloud spaces.

Colleagueshare combines some of the best features of popular bibliographic management/reference sharing, social networking, and cloud storage/collaboration solutions.

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Communicavi: Automated Text Response System Automatically share status and content with selected contacts

Communicavi (patent pending) is a system for hands-free, personalized, automated text messaging that uses a web service to send the automated messages. It consists of a mobile application that users download onto their cell phones. The app communicates with a web-based rich-content database. The mobile application has an easy-to-use interface through which the user can turn the app on and off and activate one or more auto-texting modes. Intended recipients of the automated messages opt in/out via a text-based process.

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