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Colleagueshare is a utility app designed specifically for use by scientists and other researchers. It provides a safe, secure portal by which professionals can share data, manuscripts, images, movies, posters, and other research output with one another.

To try Colleagueshare for free, and for more information, please visit the Colleagueshare website.


Colleagueshare was designed to meet the needs of professionals in the biosciences industry. Colleagueshare was developed as a result of observations of and conversations with researchers in the industry who were frustrated with the inability to securely and easily share and manage data.

With Colleagueshare, researchers, students and administrators of labs, university research departments, etc., now have a tool that will meet their file sharing and storage needs so as to enhance their productivity.

There is no single product on the market that has the flexibility and control needed by researchers, is configured with researchers in mind, and has the capacity to use the personal cloud(s) of the registered user.

How It Works

Colleagueshare provides a secure, cloud-based, interconnected ecosystem where research materials and other laboratory information can be deposited, annotated, and shared. Files of any size and many types can be managed via Colleagueshare.

Colleagueshare operates via a web-enabled request and approval process, with research materials moving between the researchers’ personal cloud spaces and under the researchers’ strict control. With Colleagueshare, you can easily search for, request, and share any type of research files with your colleagues.

The simplicity of the product is that the professional can maintain files, determine when and with whom files will be shared, and sustain files in the ‘home’ system of his/her institution or organization. The web application serves as a highly secure interface between the individuals, systems, and organizations generating the materials and those using the materials.


Small to mid-sized entities can purchase subscriptions via a tiered pricing system determined by the number of users. Large entities can purchase subscriptions at either a reduced rate [based on high volume of users] or white-labeled application to meet the branding needs of their institution.

Terms of Use

Before using Colleagueshare please read our Terms & Conditions.

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